Job Seekers with Military Service / Veterans

allows veterans and transitioning service members to source employment options and resources by matching their military skills to civilian careers through translation of MOC/MOS codes or military job title.

Career assessment tools are available to help identify your interests, strengths, and skills providing results that may open new and exciting employment options.

Put Your Military Skills to Work

Service members use military occupation codes and specialties to quickly communicate capabilities and areas of expertise. This language is often foreign to the civilian labor market.

Bridge the skills gap by translating MOC/MOS codes into familiar occupations and collections of ranked, descriptive skill elements aligned with the civilian labor market. Identify relevant careers, incorporate related work activities into resumes and identify essential soft skills that clearly communicate soldier capabilities to hiring managers.

Enter your military job. We’ll match it to civilian careers that use similar skills and show you occupations in those careers.

Connect to a WorkOne Career Center

WorkOne Career Centers are the heart of the Indiana workforce development system.

These centers are located across the state to help Hoosiers prepare for a new or better job, select the right career, access training or to provide information to help them succeed in today’s job market.

For personalized assistance, please locate the WorkOne Center closest to you.

Veteran / Military Priority of Service

For veterans, eligible spouses, and transitioning service members, multiple WorkOne American Job Center Indiana locations strive to provide priority of service.

The priority of service eligibility covers employment, training and placement services.


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