What is The Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate?

The development and adoption of the community and employer-recognized Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate (GWEC) is critical to providing a pipeline of skilled high school graduates for today’s workforce. The employability skills recognized in the GWEC have been vetted by Hoosier employers, community based organizations and post-secondary education institutions and are designed to encourage students to meet the benchmarks that will assist them in their college or career goals.

The program is structured to connect employers to their local school district through a College and Career Readiness Advisory Council, comprised of local educators and employers, establishing a fundamental, collaborative partnership for this program and continued alignment between the business community and our education system.

Program Goals

  • Connect employers to their local school district through a College and Career Readiness Advisory Council designed to create a collaborative partnership that benefits the community.
  • Provide students with an understanding of necessary employability skills for today’s in-demand jobs and allow them an opportunity to demonstrate these skills while in high school.
  • Provide employers with potential workers who understand the values and importance of responsibility and perseverance in the workplace.
Schools statewide participated in the 2019-20 GWEC program
Eligible high school seniors in GWEC schools
Indiana employers across every major industry supports the GWEC program
Governor’s Work Ethic Certificates issued to the Class of 2019 students

For updated information, please download our Governor's Work Ethic Certificate summary and feel free to distribute it to anyone interested.

Department of Workforce Development Resources