Apprenticeship for Students and Families

Federally Registered Apprenticeship for Students and Families

Today, the burden of educating the newest members of Indiana's workforce falls directly on our schools.

But businesses are having difficulty finding employees with the appropriate competencies to effectively fill skilled positions. Modern apprenticeships address the problem by changing the paradigm and helping businesses become producers of young talent rather than simply relying on an already overwhelmed education system. Apprenticeship isn’t about philanthropy on the part of businesses—it’s about developing a talent pipeline.

Benefits of Apprenticeship

For students, an apprenticeship is an options multiplier. Apprenticeship can be a powerful enhancement to their education or a fast-track to a middle-class career, or both. Apprenticeship is not a diversion from higher education—it’s a rigorous education option that combines theoretical learning with practical learning that focuses career and education objectives. It can also be a direct path to high-paying, in-demand jobs in Business Operations, Financial Services, Advanced Manufacturing, Information Technology and Healthcare. Any student—regardless of future plans—can benefit from an apprenticeship. It’s a model of education that reveals multiple options to career and higher education.

Getting Started

Figuring out exactly what you're going to do when you finish school can be an overwhelming prospect. But, through an apprenticeship, you’ll more clearly see how the decisions you make about education and career today can put you on multiple paths to success. An apprenticeship represents opportunity for any student — whether you’re on your way to college, directly to a career, both, or simply aren’t sure, an apprenticeship can help pave the way to a successful future. Your apprenticeship is designed to earn college credits that can be applied to a variety of degrees and qualify you for a middle-income job immediately following completion. So, after an apprenticeship, you’ll be equipped with practical skills and a jump-start on college that will prepare you for whatever is next on your road to success.

Get paid while you gain meaningful, real-world work experience. An apprenticeship solves the age-old problem: You can’t get a good job without experience, and you can’t get experience without a job. Not only will you graduate high school on time, you’ll also finish your apprenticeship with debt-free college credit. …and perspective on how continuing your education could help further your career. You’ll also have a nationally-recognized industry certification.

“It’s all about who you know!” You’ll create a professional network of connections that will serve you well throughout your career and work with experienced mentors who can help you decide the best path for your future.