Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeship

With an expanding community of stakeholders aimed at creating a sustainable talent pipeline, work-based learning and apprenticeship are an important step in merging resources and technical expertise in one place. Here you will find a community where employers, local practitioners, intermediaries, and others can easily access current resources, share successes, solicit support and take new approaches.


Finding the talent to keep your business running is hard enough. We’ll show you how Work-Based Learning programs can deliver the return on investment you need and connect you with the team to get it done. As an employer, you can lead the way for your company and your industry to create access and career opportunities and pathways that make you and your workers more productive.

Students and Families

The ultimate role of education in America is to prepare students for a lifelong career that leads to self fulfillment and prosperity. Engaging students into Work-Based Learning programs throughout their educational journey has staggering outcomes for students:

  • Students connect what they are learning in the classroom to the education and skills required for success in today’s workplace.
  • Students explore and learn about various fields and careers so they can make more informed decisions about their goals in life and the education they need to reach those goals.
  • Students become more motivated to do well in school and pursue postsecondary education.
  • Students gain an understanding of workplace norms, including the “soft skills” that can influence career success.
  • Students in career preparation programs (such as internships) gain valuable work  experience that can launch their careers.
  • Students have opportunities to interact with and learn from an expanded circle of adults and potential mentors.

Local Education and Training Providers

Learn how to successfully recruit employers and align resources to build partnerships that deliver results for employers and job seekers.

Department of Workforce Development Resources