Coroners :

Direct activities such as autopsies, pathological and toxicological analyses, and inquests relating to the investigation of deaths occurring within a legal jurisdiction to determine cause of death or to fix responsibility for accidental, violent, or unexplained deaths.

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About the Job

Indiana Average Salary $58,970.00
Average Time to Fill 39 days
Typical Education High school diploma or equivalent
Typical Experience Over 2 years, up to and including 4 years
10 Year Projected Openings (2016-2026) 3,574
10 Year Expected Percentage Change (2016-2026) 10.73 %

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Skills Profile

Essential (Soft) Skills

Essential Skills to Employers

Information Gathering
Attention to Detail
Written Communication
Critical Thinking
Oral Communication
Intellectual Risk-taking
Work Ethic
Technology and Tool Usage

Top Job Duties and Responsibilities

Getting Information

Analyze evidence or facts
Review laws for understanding and application
Analyze data to discover facts in case
Collect evidence for legal proceedings
Gather physical evidence
Collect statistical data
Obtain documentation to authorize activities
Investigate legal issues

Documenting/Recording Information

Prepare legal or investigatory documentation
Prepare regulatory or compliance documentation or reports
Document information related to legal proceedings
Maintain records, reports, or files associated with business operations or analytics
Record test or inspection results, procedures, or data

Monitor Processes, Materials, or Surroundings

Monitor operational activities to ensure conformance to standards, regulations, or protocols
Ensure compliance with polices or regulations
Maintain safe work environment
Monitor timing or metering devices to regulate environmental conditions

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Skill or Certification Certi - fication Hard to Fill Expensive to Fill
Hazardous Waste
Supervisory Skills
Environmental Management
Staff Management
Air Quality Control

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